What can be done about depression in

What can be done about depression in
What can be done about depression in Alzheimer''s Diseas
Did you see the news last December that Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer’s. He is only 59. When I was younger, we used to congratulate anyone who approached their sixtieth birthday without dying. Now, with the improvements in diet and medical
Self Care And Stress
This one''s for all of you who feel like all the little things in your life are out of control. lf you have so many things to do that you can''t seem to finish any of them, take thirty minutes and complete just one of the short chores listed b
Prevention and Treatment for Depression
* Make sure you have a diet that provides adequate amounts of clcium and protein.* If you crave carbohydrates, go on a high-carbohydrate diet. supplemented with 500 to 1,000 milligrams of I-tryptophan, taken three times a day with juice.* If
Problems Effecting Mental Health
Hypochondria The popular image of the hypochondriac is a Woody Allen-type character who goes from doctor to doctor, anxiously takes his temperature every hour and imagines any headache to be a brain tumor. Most of us suffer mild episodes of
Information about Yoga for Depression
Yoga is a relaxing form of exercise that can help alleviate depression. Meditation and yoga poses can help you attack the root cause of depression - the feeling that you can''t handle the demands of your life. It tones the nervous system, sti
Depression And What Could Be Its Effects
When doctors talk about the disease of depression, they aren''t talking about occasional feelings of sadness or "the blues" that all of us experience from time to time. Depression is a serious condition that can have a variety of persistent p
Psychotherapy and Depression
While medication is extremely important in the successful treatment of depression, supportive psychotherapy may also be helpful. It''s not uncommon for older people who are depressed to resist the idea of psychotherapy. You may not "believe i
Millions Have Social Anxiety Disorder And Don''t Know It
If you''ve ever found yourself filled with such anxiety that you can''t function you may have SAD or social anxiety disorder. It could be triggered by having to speak at a public event. Or any situation where you have to appear in front of a g
Manic Depression - Some Warning Signs
If you experience depressive symptoms and feel sad all the time, you''re probably suffering from what doctors call a "unipolar" disorder. But some older people develop another type of depression called "bipolar" disorder or manic depression,
Depression- Symptoms and Causes of Treatment
The general definition of depression is a psychological disorder that affects a person''s mood changes, physical functions and social interactions. Depression is an illness in which factors such as genetics, chemical changes in the body and e
Depression Medication And Drugs
Finding the best antidepressant for you can be a challenge. Don''t be surprised if you have to try more than one drug before you find one that works well for you. Many doctors continue to rely on well established drugs known as tricyclic anti
Those black box warnings on antidepressants
In both medical and legal circles, there is a constant question. How do you warn the general population of the possible dangers of taking medications. Recently, this question has become more pointed. Pressure groups now actively campaign to