Rejuvenate Your Libido After a Hysterectomy For a Heightened Sexual Experience

Rejuvenate Your Libido After a Hysterectomy For a Heightened Sexual Experience

If you''re wondering whether you can still experience intense libido after hysterectomy, the answer is yes. This matter has been the subject of concern for women who have had a hysterectomy done.

Many think that after such a surgical operation, females will no longer be able to take command of their sexual life. There is the notion that women are bound to lose any interest or stimulation from any intimate encounters.

However, hysterectomy operations need not affect the sexual life of women. A woman can still enjoy a gratifying sex life even after having undergone this type of uterine surgery. In fact, a great number of women have reported that if anything, it has made their sex life improve.

Libido after hysterectomy can still be experienced since this operation is not bound to affect the sex life of females at all. According to several studies, if a woman experiences no sexual dysfunction before the procedure, she is bound to maintain the same level of sexual pleasure or even improve it.

The minor drawbacks after undergoing this surgery are the loss of uterine contractions during intercourse and slight pain if the vagina has undergone any shortening procedures. Other than this, any woman is expected to take pleasure from intimate moments even after undergoing hysterectomy.

If you want to maintain or enhance libido after hysterectomy, it will do good to play an active part during sexual intercourse. Changing positions and keeping yourself comfortable will help you attain excellent results during intercourse.

This means that you have to take charge of the sexual positions, if you want to maximize your sexual pleasure. Being on top during intercourse may help women lessen pain if the vagina was shortened during hysterectomy.

Moreover, the vagina is bound to stretch and expand over time, so that intercourse will be less uncomfortable and more enjoyable.

With this procedure, the female is bound to experience lower levels of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone causing reduced sexual motivation and promoting vaginal dryness. These conditions are definitely not welcome for any woman who wants to experience the best in sexual stimulation and pleasure.

Female Libido Supplements like Vigorelle and Provestra can aid any woman in achieving better sexual experience and performance even after undergoing a hysterectomy. These are tried and tested products proven to be safe for use, for the prescribed period of time. Libido after hysterectomy is always possible, with the right knowledge and the ideal supplements.