Randall Vanover

Randall Vanover
Title: Website & Media Publicist / Sponsor Relations
Name: Randall Vanover
Hometown: Originally Union, KY,
Resides Now in Garner, NC

Wife: Debra
Children: Holly & Rachel

Years and or Experience in Racing:
Randall or as he is affectionately called by the team, "Preacher" has spent most of his adult life serving in Church Ministry in KY, TN, AR and NC, receiving his Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Studies Degree in 1994.

Unfortunately, in the later 90''s Randall contracted two Tick borne illnesses, Lyme Disease and Babesiosis, from a single tick bite. Due to the untimely late stage diagnosis of the two diseases he was left with permanent neurological damage that has left him disabled with mobility issues and in constant pain.

Rather than complain about the lemons in his life he has sought to make lemonade. He is very, very grateful for the deep friendship he has with Dunn-Benson owner, Mr. Carlton Lamm. Randall says, "Mr. Lamm has given me purpose and a place to belong. Although I am limited as to how much I can travel or for that matter, as to whether I can even commit to doing something from one day to the next. Mr. Lamm has given me the opportunity to, from my home and when I physically feel like it, to exercise my computer skills so that I don''t lose them, to engage in creative writing and to utilize my people skills, speaking with potential sponsors. I have a reason to get up in the morning! I will forever be grateful to him and the entire team for giving me an opportunity to belong some place and to still feel like a man!"

Although only a volunteer, Randy says, "I ought to have to pay to have this much enjoyment!" Randy has had a life long love of dirt racing having grown up only a couple of miles from Florence Speedway in KY, had a dirt racing uncle, the late Kyle Bonnett whose mentor and teacher was Hall of Famer, Pat Patrick and Randall''s beautiful wife Debra is related to the Petty''s. In fact, Debra''s father A.M. Frazier sold Lee Petty his first racecar and even went with him to his first three races.