Obesity Vs Smoking

Obesity Vs Smoking

Smoking vs Obesity????!!?

Was watching super-size me. One of the people in the movie brought up a subject of bashing smokers and not bashing fat people.

Is it ok to consider smoking a choice that people voluntarily make and bash them for it, at the same time, treat obesity as a disease and find excuses for fat people? Why is it not offensive to say “you nasty, you smoke and smell like an ashtray” but offensive if we say “you fat, you should stop eating, you look like a pig”?

What are your thoughts? I respect everyones opinion=)

PS please Donn tell me Obesity Is A Disease. I do believe that in certain cases it is a hormonal disfunction caused by medications, but in most cases it is poor choice of food.
Holy Smokes, actually, you got it wrong, 60% of American population is overweight. And Only 20% are SMOKERS.

It is not acceptable to bash anyone in the manner you say, it is rude, insensitive, harmful and immature.

There is a lot more to obesity than just poor choices of food.
I am 20 pounds overweight, that is poor choices of food, like a lot people but true obesity is more, much more than that.

Until we start treating it as the disease it is, the negative stereotypes will continue.
The human digestive system is the most complex system in the human body, science is not even scratching the surface of understanding how the nerves interact with the brain.

I have dealt with obesity in my family, a family member had to have bypass surgery and I can absolutely promise you it is a lot more than just poor choices of food.

Your question is thoughtful and sincere but your last line is just plain wrong, not a doctor I know would agree with that. I have a brother in law that is a surgeon and a sister that is a nurse, we have discussed this topic at length.

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