Natural Dog Health Products are Effective

Natural Dog Health Products are Effective

Looking for natural dog health products? Welcome to our hub page for all the various information gathered this subject.

Here you will find the resources you need to have a happy healthy dog without the use of harsh chemicals commonly found in commercial products.

There are a number of natural options on the market now days, as the trend of holistic, environmentally sound products has become more mainstream than ever before.

Through this hub, you will find out why we prefer good quality dog health supplements and other natural products for our beloved pet.

With this valuable and relevant information you may decide that your dogs will benefit too. Natural products for your dog''s health needs have a lot of benefits, including being lower cost, use for use.

Critter Oil

One good example is an unique substance called Critter Oil. While the benefits of Critter Oil are not necessarily exclusive to this product, it is a good example on how some dog health products do good for your pet, your wallet, and the planet all in one go.

With concentrated products like Critter Oil, you won''t be paying for inert filler ingredients like water that you can add to the product yourself. While it might look expensive to use Critter Oil, because you only need drops at a time even the smallest bottle will last you a long time.

There is no need to pay premium dollar for a bottle of premixed toxic product that is ninety-seven percent inert ingredients.

Critter oil has given us fantastic results.

The product was created in 1987 by Rev. Susan R. Griffin. She founded Naturals for Animals, Inc. Her goal was to make dog health products that are versatile, safe, and work not only to repel fleas but to improve skin and coat condition while doing it.

In order to test each batch of Critter Oil, some of the product is used in the maker''s own holistic pet care facility to ensure that it is safe and effective.

Each bottle sold comes with instructions to help you create the mixes you need to make shampoo, sprays, carpet powder, lawn spray and more.

Because this product is formulated with a blend of fifteen pure essential herbal oils that are "GRAS" certified (that is Generally Recognized as Safe) in the human cosmetic industry, this product can be used on baby animals, pregnant and nursing mothers, and those dogs with allergies and other skin conditions.

Each of the fifteen oils used in this product have been carefully chosen. Some have anti-fungal properties. Others are anti-bacterial in nature. Both of these types of oil sooth and heal skin irritation.

More than a few have repellent qualities that drive off fleas and discourage ticks.

Although these are oils, it is well known that some oils actually go a good job as degrease agents. These oils act to gently deep clean the skin and coat. A further benefit is that they break down the waxy remains of fleas and ticks helping to bring out lost shine and glow.

Certain oils are conditioning in nature. These sink into the coat and help smooth and repair the hair.

Additionally, some oils are added for their soothing scent, which calms the dog while it is being groomed. The side benefit to this is that the fresh, natural odor also helps create a relaxing atmosphere for the human workers or human caretaker too.

This particular example of natural dog health products does not only replaces pesticide shampoos, toxic dips, spot on the back pesticides, medicated shampoos, conditioners, toxic home, carpet, lawn and garden flea sprays but it has further benefits that none of those products do.

Critter Oil can improve the health of your indoor and outdoor plants and your dog all at once. Join the thousands of other pet owners who use Critter Oil to give their beloved dogs glowingly healthy sink and coats.

Our experience with these dog health products means we can recommend it whole-heartedly. Versatile and safe, Critter oil can help you manage and eliminate fleas.

One thing to take note of is that Critter Oil is a good example of all-natural dog health products, and because of this the color and scent varies from batch to batch depending on the growing season, oil condition, and other natural variations. This is to be expected, as it is a batch made product and not done with commercially strained, blended, or altered oils. Regardless of this, we have never had any complaints about the performance of Critter Oil.

This, again, is just one dog health care product of the many you can find on our ever-growing web site.

Happy browsing for more and natural dog health products!