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Depression and Causes Depression and Causes

So much of stress has allowed depression to quietly creep into our lives. Majority of individuals are facing the blues of life and it has been estimated that as high as 19 million Americans are suffering from depression.

Depression is characterized by feelings of lack of interest and sadness which gradually begins interfering with your daily activities. It can also greatly affect the way you think and behave. Almost all of us feel sad and depressed, but this feeling can wade off within few minutes. However, individuals who are said to have developed depression are in such low mood 24 x 7 and the feelings at times can get so intense that they can even commit the blunder of ending their life.

Therefore it is advised by all psychologists that whenever you are in a midst of a whirlpool where you feel all sorts of emotions are pouring in and camouflaging your mind you should seek help from your doctor. A doctor can timely guide you and can certainly pull you out of the whirlpool. Timely diagnosis and intervention can treat the condition in its early stages. The National Institute of Health has documented the fact that majority of individuals with depression fail to get medically treated.

Depression can take various forms. These are clinical depression, major depressive disorder, dysthymia, psychotic depression, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder and postpartum disorder.

Symptoms of depression may not be similar for all. All individuals will not experience the same kind of symptoms and it will vary in the extent of severity as well. The symptoms include prolonged and continuous feeling of sadness and anxiety, lost interest to live, loss of interest in love life and sex, loss of interest in social activities and undue fatigue. Individuals with depression often are socially withdrawn and prefer to stay indoors. There is also a great degree of disturbance in sleep pattern and eating behavior. In addition, depressed individuals would often complain of headaches, digestive disturbances and muscle ache. These symptoms however, do not generally go away with treatment. For example, a pain killer will not relive headache or stomach ache; this should act as an indication that this is not a normal case of headache and there is other reason behind it.

Causes of depression are many, and are believed to be interplay of various factors such as genetic, environmental, psychological and biological aspects. Depression is basically a disorder of the brain and this is the reason that an MRI scan of a depressed individual shows different images as compared to their normal counterparts. This also needs to be mentioned that these images appear different for those parts of the brain that regulate the mood, sleep and thinking of the individual.

Depression to a certain extent is a genetic disorder. Certain types of genes are thought to play foul and can predispose an individual to develop depression. If you have a family history of depression, you are highly susceptible to suffer from the same. However, this is not always true. There are several environmental factors that have an upper hand in causation of depression. Today’s generation are exposed to a great degree of stress which in turn adversely affects their mood, appetite and sleep pattern. The treatment regime of depression depends on the nature of the symptoms and degree of it.

Therefore the bottom line is to stay away from stress and help yourself as well your family and friends to get out of the blues of life. Just by being sad and getting anxious will not serve any purpose. It would be wise to act when you first notice the signs and symptoms of depression and more so when they begin interfering with your daily activities.

Stay healthy, stress free and live a depressed free life!!

Depression and Causes Depression and Causes Depression and Causes

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