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Faced with an aging workforce susceptible to age and lifestyle-related chronic health problems, including coronary heart disease, obesity and diabetes, many employers are looking beyond injury prevention and management to ways of reducing the prevalence of illness and disease in their workforce.

The statistics are alarming! 1

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia.

1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women will be directly affected by cancer in their lifetime

More than 40% of executives say they are stressed and overworked.

Over seven million adult Australians aged 25 and over are overweight.

Almost three million Australians have high blood pressure.

For the employer, worker absenteeism through illness can have significant financial implications. Lost productivity, employee turnover, idle assets and planned overstaffing adversely impact the bottom line. In fact, it’s estimated that in labour-intense industries in the USA, the financial burden of employee ill health may approach 10 to 15% of the cost of the final product2.

Because health promotion and sickness and disability management may result in cost savings, many employers are integrating ‘wellness’ initiatives into their businesses. These strategies focus on illness and injury prevention through education, early detection and intervention, accentuating the importance of each employee’s welfare and inherent value to the organisation.

Wellness Programmes are therefore seen as an effective means of reducing absenteeism, long-term disability, lost time injuries and lost productivity1, potentially rendering a significant competitive advantage to those businesses in which they are implemented.

Prime Corporate Health delivers integrated preventative and rehabilitative solutions, designed for maximum participation and impact. From remote mine sites to metropolitan government departments, Prime Corporate Health delivers innovative, structured strategies designed to:

  • Identify at risk individuals and provide support programmes
  • Raise awareness through education
  • Engender a positive, intrinsic change in health behaviour
  • Integrate health, safety and well being into the work environment.

1. Beaver, S. Media Release "Mind does Matter". June 11 2002 (NRMA Insurance website)
2. Bernacki, E. Opening Address ACOEM''s 87th Annual Membership Meeting. April 18 2002

Executive Health Appraisals
A comprehensive executive medical examination enables employers to recognise the value that their senior people contribute to organisational success. This evaluation is the first choice in identifying and managing potential health risks for those individuals with high levels of responsibility within a company. It has been specifically designed to assess and educate management and executive staff with regards to their health, fitness and long term well being. An essential component to this assessment is the Exercise ECG or Stress Test, which is the most effective, non-invasive assessment of an individual’s short-term coronary artery disease risk. Executive assessments are conducted at The Terrace Medical and Vaccination Centre in the CBD and include:

  • Pre Assessment Questionnaires
  • Personal & family medical history
  • Stress & lifestyle
  • Dietary habits
  • Blood Tests
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride profile
  • Fasting blood sugar
  • Liver & kidney function
  • Full blood count
  • Full iron study (females only)
  • Prostate Screen (males only)
  • General biochemistry
  • Medical examination
  • Height, weight, blood pressure, vision
  • General health
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Locomotor and neurological system
  • Physical Assessment
  • Body Composition
  • Lower back function
  • Abdominal strength & stability
  • Lung function
  • ECG stress test (treadmill)

A report and health recommendations is provided during the session or at a follow up appointment. In some cases, the individual may also be referred back to their treating practitioner or to a medical specialist to address specific health concerns.

Health and Fitness Assessments
Prime Corporate Health conducts a range of Health and Fitness Assessments, which focus on risk factors associated with lifestyle habits and health status. These include cardiovascular risk, adult-onset diabetes, obesity, skin cancer and musculoskeletal profiles including posture and back health.

From a simple health heart screen to a more comprehensive health appraisal, the assessments offer a valuable tool for individual risk identification and total workforce health analysis. Participants will find the process interactive, interesting and educative. Assessments can be tailored to suit specific needs, addressing overall health and fitness and providing the individual with a summary report and recommendations to better manage their own health. Components of the various assessments include:

  • Blood testing to assess general health, cholesterol and sugar levels
  • Lifestyle, stress and dietary questionnaires
  • Flexibility and abdominal strength
  • Fitness levels

Company wide reports summarising overall results are also provided, enabling organisations to track and monitor the health and well being of the workforce, and evaluate health intervention strategies.

Training and Education
Prime Corporate Health has an extensive Healthy Lifestyle library comprising posters, pamphlets and on-line materials. We also have a comprehensive network of health professionals including Occupational Physicians, General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians, Naturopaths and Nurses able to deliver interesting, informative, relevant presentations.

Complementing the assessment services offered, interventions can be targeted towards key areas of risk, emphasising individual responsibility for behavioural change. Presentations can be conducted regularly as part of an overall health promotion strategy, or as individual topics in response to key issues. Examples include:

  • Manual Handling
  • Melanomas – what are they and what do they look like?
  • Diabetes – what is it and can we avoid it?
  • Getting Fit Safely
  • Good ergonomics
  • Stress Management
  • Avoiding the “flu” this winter

Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Programs
Offering a comprehensive range of healthy lifestyle interventions Prime Corporate Health will help integrate many aspects of an overall health strategy. Activities are implemented at convenient times, minimising disruption whilst maximising participation. Safety is a priority and each strategy is conducted by experienced, qualified health professionals familiar with employee profiles, including areas of potential concern or weakness. Where necessary, heart rate monitors are supplied to participants for the duration of exercise sessions.

Program options include:

Gymnasium Management
On-site gyms are becoming more and more prevalent but require good management to ensure safety, utilisation and viability. We are not only able to establish your corporate gym but can oversee its ongoing management.

On-site Exercise Classes
Depending upon facilities available, Prime Corporate Health is able to conduct a variety of on-site or local sporting activities for organisations. We recommend an assortment of exercise types, promoting attendance and enthusiasm, including walking/running, cycling and team sports.

Therapeutic Workstation Massage
Therapeutic massage is an ideal method of relieving stress and tension, and can invigorate to improve concentration and productivity. It is an ideal modality for employees whose job task involves either a sedentary position or repetitive movements.

Yoga Classes
Prime Corporate Health is able to provide a qualified, experienced Yoga instructor to conduct Yoga classes on-site, encouraging participation and providing staff with a low impact exercise and relaxation option.

Corporate Competitions
Team Building events build camaraderie and corporate loyalty. Prime Corporate Health is able to organise and develop teams for a number of community events including City to Surf Marathon, Rottnest Swim, or Golf Days.

Swiss Ball & Pilates Classes
Prime Corporate Health is able to provide a qualified physiotherapist to conduct on-site Swiss Ball & Pilates classes aimed at improving core stability (muscle strength in those muscles important to the spine) and flexibility.

Mine Site Services
Prime Corporate Health will oversee a complete program to integrate health, safety and well being into the work place. We understand the physical demands of working in the mining sector and have designed a range of services to ensure that the process of pre employment screening, on site health and fitness, and injury management services is effectively integrated.

Our medical team will assist in the development of an appropriate pre employment assessment protocol and provide feedback to the employer and the employee if there are potential areas of concern. Where facilities exist on site to then implement and manage the health concerns raised, the Prime medical staff will liaise with our corporate health team and ensure that on site intervention is designed to improve the health and well being of the individual. In the event a person is injured at work, the liaison occurs to effectively rehabilitate the individual back into the workplace, most often supported by a supervised physical rehabilitation program and on site return to work planning.

Our ‘on site’ staff develop an in depth understanding of the work environment and will implement preventative strategies to reduce injury and illness. High risk or physically demanding work tasks can be evaluated and addressed. Exercise programs can be tailored for specific work teams, or job roles, eliminating previously recurrent injuries that may have occurred due to ineffective work practice or poor physical condition.

Our programs are individually tailored to meet specific site requirements but may include the following:

  • Assessment of work duties to promote a safe and effective work environment
  • On-site gymnasium management and supervision
  • Fitness classes – structured to accommodate all shifts
  • Fitness assessments
  • Health assessments
  • Fitness program development – individual and group
  • Nutritional seminars and advice
  • Work specific exercise programs and injury prevention programs
  • Basic massage services
  • Back care and manual handling education
  • Physical rehabilitation programs
  • Workers’ compensation coordination and medical liaison
  • Recreational program coordination
  • Team building events coordination – on-site and in-town

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