Real-time Data

Real-time Data

"Actionable Data - Manage your business down to the minute, not quarter-by-quarter."

Ongoing Cuts in reimbursements combined with a change from Fee for Service to Outcomes-Based Bundled Payments means managing your business “minute by minute”, not “quarter by quarter”. Collecting the data to do this is half of the equation. That data must be put in the hands of management and staff in a form they can act on.

Vindicet’s web-based forms and online assessments makes it easy to collect information in response to changing regulatory needs, while HL7 data sharing can put that information wherever it is needed. Likewise, information collected in your existing EMR or Data Warehouse can be placed back in the hands of staff via smart dashboards and alerts, in the context of existing business processes.


Process Support

Vindicet''s web-based applications streamline common business processes - including business development, utilization review, discharge planning and quality reporting - so your staff can work more efficiently. And Vindicet applications can share data with your existing EMR.

End to End Patient Tracking

Vindicet lets you manage patients and patient population groups across different providers, locations and levels of acuity all on a single easy to use system.

Real-time, Actionable Data

Data in Vindicet is available in real-time through centralized management reports or "actionable dashboards" for your staff. Data can be captured using Vindicet''s online apps, or by HL7 feed from your existing systems.


Licensing is per-facility, with no limits on number of users. Vindicet is completely web-based as well, so it will run on your existing devices. This makes it feasible to put Vindicet in all of your provider locations, so you can have a true enterprise-level view of your operations.