Pre/Post workout Nutrition and supplements?

Pre/Post workout Nutrition and supplements?

Pre/Post workout Nutrition and supplements?

I 17, and have weight training 1st period everyday in school. I have been working hard so far and have seen some results and gone up in weight BUT not as much as I had hoped. I really just want to build strength and size for lacrosse season. I think its because of my poor pre/post workout nutrition. What should I eat before and after? ALSO if you have any suggestions on supplements I can take I would appreciate it. Thanks

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If you’re playing sports and are 17 (almost an adult) then you need to get 5 grams of carbs per pound per day and at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound per day wither you are training on that day or not, it takes muscles days to repair from a good workout so the three days following a training are crucial. i would suggest throw some metrx or detour bars in the school bag for immediately after your workout at school and make sure you get a lot of protein at lunch.

Yea your pre workout and post workout meals are very crucial if you want to see significant gains. Since your involved in athletics you tdee is probably pretty high and you burn through calories rather quickly during training.

Preworkout should consist of a lean protein source(ex. fish, chicken) and in your case, a complex carb(whole oats, wheat bread, whole wheat rice, etc). Have this an hour b4 your training session. I also take 2 scoops of N.O. xplode, 3 grams of L-glutamine, and 3 grams of BCAA’s as well. The N.O to get me jacked up and increase nitric oxide in my blood, L-glutamine to prevent catabolization, and the BCAA’s to aid in recovery.

PWO should consist of a fast digesting protein like whey, whey isolate, whatever. And you want to get a simple carb source as well to replinish glycogen stores. Maltodextrose, dextrose, waxy maize are good PWO carbs. They’re not that expensive either, but if you can’t get ahold of those then go for white bread, white rice, etc.

you should eat a high carb moderate meal before you play your sports.. about 1.5 – 2 hours before

u should also bring with you.. a powerade or carb drink so u do not burn too much energy off.. and cut into your muscle fibers.. although u would burn fat first anyways..

directly after your sports have a protein shake and some carbs to put back the amino acids to repair.. and the carbs for gyclogen back into your muscles..

always take whey protein, HGH liquid, vitamin C.. and vitamin D.

you can cycle creatine on and off for 6 – 8 weeks.. but this is not a must.. just a plus

if u are gaining too much fat… then u need to reduce the carbs a little… and keep the protein high.

but if u are not gaining enough u need to eat 20 x your body weight in calories.

Eat a small meal 1 hour before exercise… Something like an apple and some form of protein.

After your workouts, go for easily digestible foods, such juices and whey, because the easier it is to digest, the faster it will get in and repair the muscle tissue.

Pre-workout – Small solids approximately 1 hour before training.

Post-workout Liquefied carbs and proteins taken in immediately after training. Juice and whey. Keep it simple.

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