It’s Time to Discover a Healthier You Today!

It’s Time to Discover a Healthier You Today!

Start Living for Health is a place to share health, weight loss and fitness tips. You’ll find information about learning to feel your best, and hopefully feel compelled to share your thoughts and stories about your journey to health. Start Living for Health will show you that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be accessible, simple and fun!

Emma Harrop - Start Living for Health
Emma Harrop - Health Blogger

My name is Emma Harrop and I’ve been on an amazing journey that has seen me enjoying life with the healthiest body and mind in my life so far. (Read more about me and my journey here)

I want to share all the wonderful things I’ve learnt about exercise, weight loss and the relationship between mind, body and health. I’ll also be posting some in-depth product reviews that will help you make sensible health choices (and avoid some not so sensible choices!).

Because health and happiness is such a broad subject, I’ve divided this site into the three main areas that I choose to focus on for peak health and happiness:

  • Loving Your Body: Physical health is not only about your weight or the amount of exercise you do. It’s about everything we do with our bodies – how we love them, how we pamper them, and how we can take better care of them.
  • Treating Your Tastebuds – the Healthy Way: Start making a healthy and happy connection with food by understanding how much our health is dictated by what we consume. And healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, difficult or expensive. Really!
  • Thinking Positive to Promote Health: There are so many thought choices – acceptance, mindfulness, forgiveness, kindness, etc – that can influence your health. I’ll also talk about how finding a connection with community (big or small) can keep you healthy.

I hope that by sharing my past challenges and successes, you’ll gain the strength, knowledge and encouragement to actively pursue your quest for a healthier life.

And I hope that together we can create an open community where we can confidently share our future health goals and dreams and all gain the advice, support and encouragement to make these dreams a reality.

(Cheers – to your health – signature file here)