Human euphoria sites - the best in this pheromones category, below.

Human euphoria sites - the best in this pheromones category, below.
"I was wearing some HE today...and you wouldn''t believe the attention I was getting from this one nurse at a hospital. She finally came out and said, "You smell so good...what''s that you''re wearing?"
Attract women with the cologne and men with the perfume!

HE pheromone cologne is a brand new formula that contains sex pheromones scientifically designed and proven to attract women. Just as animals use scents to attract the opposite sex, people respond to pheromones that can greatly increase your chances of being approached and meeting women.

This natural euphoria aphrodisiac is based on the isolation and synthesis of unique pheromone compounds mixed with essential oils to create a smell that drives women crazy! You will find yourself being approached more often, having women look and smile at you, and feeling more confident and secure.
How the pheromones work to humans:

Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals found in animals and people which elicit sexual behaviors and are used to attract the opposite sex. Scientists have succeeded in identifying, isolating, and recreating this human sex pheromone. These natural pheromones have been well documented to trigger very powerful sexual responses!

Unlike fragrances, which are detected by the olfactory glands in the nose, pheromones are detected by the vomeronasal organ or VNO. The VNO is located in the nasal pit directly under the nose. When the VNO receives a pheromone signal it sends a message to the brain that stimulates the body and creates a subconscious increase in sexual desire.

How to Use the Pheromones

Pheromones can be worn just as you would wear any cologne. Apply them to your neck, forearms or any other part of your body. They can be worn anytime you are interested in getting attention from the opposite sex or even just to feel the power of being noticed and attracting others. They can be used on a daily basis to gain an edge in business, at school or at any social event.
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"I never would have believed it if I didn''t see it work. I used the pheromones after a long hard week of work, and had a wonderful romantic weekend with my husband. "