Herbal remedies Where good health comes naturally

Herbal remedies Where good health comes naturally

Welcome to Discover-Herbal-Health.com. Herbal remedies and natural cures – our aim is to present you with the facts, enabling you to make a wise and informed choice on the many health benefits that can be derived from mother nature.


Herbal remedies are generally for minor ailments and conditions you wish to treat or prevent, they must not be used to treat life-threatening conditions. Although natural remedies are considered safe, they can affect other medications you may have been prescribed, if you wish to use a natural remedy alongside conventional medicine you must first consult your physician.

There are various ways of preparing herbal remedies such as, essential oils which are very highly concentrated extracts and are obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing of berries, flowers, leaves, roots and seeds.

Extracts are extremely effective, highly concentrated and of standardized potency, the plant material is usually mixed with water or alcohol, sometimes both, and retains virtually all of the benefits from the original plant.

Powders are dried plant material which has been ground to a fine powder, it is widely used in capsule form, this method is used for convenience and also makes it easier to digest some of the less palatable ingredients. Alternatively these capsules can be opened and the contents sprinkled on food or in a drink.

Ointments are created using hot or cold infused oil which can be are made to the correct consistency by adding beeswax and anhydrous lanolin.

Infusion, the easiest method is to make what is essentially a tea. You use the leafy parts and flowers of a plant in a teapot, the infusion should be made using very hot, but not boiling water, as boiling water will destroy some of the oils. It is advisable to leave it to infuse for about 10 minutes. You can drink this either hot or cold.

Tinctures are created by immersing either fresh or dried plant material in a mixture of alcohol and water, the alcohol also acts as a preservative. This is sealed in a air tight jar for two weeks and then pressed using a wine press.


As with conventional medicines it is important to use the correct dosage when using herbal preparations, and if you are pregnant, or planning for pregnancy there are some herbs that need to be avoided, so it’s important to do your research, and if you’re nursing a baby you must avoid all herbal preparations.

When buying herbal remedies, it’s the quality that really counts, so do scrutinize the grower, manufacturer or supplier and choose a reputable one. Make sure that what you are buying is standardized and contains the correct percentage of the herb that you require.

This website should not be used in place of a physician, it is for information only and should be used in conjunction with your healthcare practitioner.