Health Benefits of TeaCurrent research suggests

Health Benefits of TeaCurrent research suggests

Health Benefits of Tea

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Current research suggests that green tea may prevent cancer, while black tea may prevent strokes and heart attacks.
The Miracle of Anti-Oxidants
Anti-oxidants, which help prevent cell damage, are found mostly in fruits and vegetables. Tea has anti-oxidants too, in the form of compounds called flavonoids. Green tea is high in simple flavonoids or catechins which researchers believe might be an anti-oxidant effective in preventing cancer. Black tea has more complex flavonoids known as theaflavins and thearubiginscatechins, which researchers believe may strengthen arteries and reduce the chances of stroke and heart disease.
In case you were wondering, anti-oxidants go after “free radicals,” which are unstable oxygen molecules that damage our body’s cellular walls, and consequently damage DNA. “Free radicals” come from pollution, smoke, radiation, toxic substances, ultraviolet radiation, and are even a byproduct produced when the body converts food into energy. “Free radicals” damage our cells, rendering them unable to effectively fight cancer, aging, and other diseases.

Possible Health Benefits of Tea:

Prevents heart disease and strokes
Prevents cancer
Natural fluorides, flavonoids, & tannins prevent tooth decay
Anti-bacterial properties are good for the mouth and teeth, prevent bad breath
Reduces inflammation and relieves arthritis
Strengthens immune system to fight colds and other ailments
Speeds up calorie burning
Slightly lowers cholesterol
Lowers blood pressure and prevents dangerous blood clotting
Although researchers are finding many health benefits from tea, don’t forget the fickleness of health research. Tea tastes good, is relaxing, and doesn’t appear to have any bad health effects…isn’t that reason enough to enjoy tea?