CoralCal Daily Sachets (30 sachets)

CoralCal Daily Sachets (30 sachets)

This sachet of ocean coral and minerals is meant to be used like using a tea bag. The coral mineral sachet''s have no "tea" in them. They consist of pure coral minerals. You simply place the little sachet bag in a quart of water, wait five minutes and start to enjoy the benefits of this super antioxidant drink, FEEL BETTER FAST!

Would you like a healthier life style? Minimize the risk of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases by using this simple solution.

Dr. Richard Viogt talks about how he had shoulder pain for twenty five years. He took many different medicines for his pain, but nothing worked. He began adding the CORAL CAL DAILY to everything he drank, and the pain is gone.

His mother-in-law had burning in her feet for many years. Dr. Voigt gave her CORAL CAL DAILY and the burning in her feet has gone away.

CORAL CAL DAILY reduces free radicals, helps your body get the proper mineral balance, and reduces the body acid levels.

Chlorine, found in most of our water supplies is a free radical, which is known to cause cancer. CORAL CAL DAILY sachets can neutralize chlorine.

Drinking water that has been treated with CORAL CAL DAILY will free up the hydrogen neurons, allowing your body to heal itself, because you are getting more oxygen to every cell.

Drinking water is good for you. Most Americans are in a state of dehydration most of the time. For good hydration one should drink one ounce of water per day for every half-pound of weight. Say you weigh 160 pounds, you should be drinking 80oz. of water per day, that is only 8 10oz glasses a day.

Remember, body fluids of healthy individuals are alkaline ( with a high pH value). Most degenerative diseases have been linked to mineral and calcium deficiencies that result in low pH levels. Cancer, for example, thrives in an acidic medium, and can not servive in an alkaline medium.

Drinking this treated water will raise your pH level and give you highly absorbable amounts of important minerals.

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