Am I overweight For My Height And Weight?

Am I overweight For My Height And Weight?

Am I overweight for my height? Is the question I always ask myself and I am sure is the question millions of people ask themselves every single day. We constantly are told overweight causes complicated health problems which can shorten your lifespan.

What exactly defines overweight? The BMI or body mass index sets the standard for the ratio of height to weight and only height to weight. It does not take into consideration your body composition, which is where the weight comes from.

Your weight can come from fat or muscle, which is a big difference in defining if you are over- weight or not.

Let us take a buff 32-year-old male: with all his muscle mass, can fall into the obese category based on height and weight. His weight is mostly muscle mass, which is quite different from fat weight.

You can see that the body mass index (BMI) is flawed and inaccurate for people who have athletic bodies. With this method, a world champion boxer or runner would be considered obese, not merely overweight. Take, for instance, Jack LaLannene or George Foreman who are in better shape than most people are half their age.

However, according to BMI they would be considered obese not just overweight. This infers that even though athletes get their body weight from muscle, how you can describe them as obese or even fat.Going with the premise that muscle weight is denser than fat cells; it is possible to become heavier even though one becomes trimmer and healthier. An occasional weight check can verify this. Actually, waist measurement is much more accurate than the number on a scale.

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The only way to answer your question am I overweight for my height? or am I healthy weight, overweight or obese is to look at the height and weight ratio chart above.

We know our bodies better than any “index” can provide. Check to to find out if I am overweight for my height? If yes then I can take the necessary steps to reduce my weight to healthy weight.


Finally, the last issue about BMI is something proponents use as a defense. It is simpler to call BMI a guide for the “average” person. Hot can everyone fit into a slot called “average?” What exactly does average mean? Perhaps not everyone can be referred to as average. Maybe average isn’t the norm for which to strive. Those experts who preach BMI as the ideal indicator of measuring your body mass and then categorizing it often don’t have impressive bodies. In fact, I don’t know about you but I am happy in my own skin as long as I am within the healthy weight range!