About Organic Herb Inc

About Organic Herb Inc

About Organic Herb Inc.

OHI is a Developer, Manufacturer , Exporter and Primary Supplier of plant extracts, nutraceutical ingredients, effective components of Chinese herbs and related products to the pharmaceuticals, beverage , health food and cosmetics industries. OHI adopts“ 100+Quality System” ,confidently and proudly stands behind each and every product that we sell, and we pledge that we will always uphold the highest standards of safety for our customers around the world. Passion, integrity, quality and innovation, the OHI hallmark and ethos you'll enjoy when you specify our product.

With the philosophy of“ Bring nature to better life ”,OHI has established a long-term friendly and cooperative relations with the most prestigious universities and private research institutions at home and abroad., also a reliable partner for ChromaDex Inc,Galena Química e Farmacêutica Ltda,Suntory Ltd,Naturex Inc ,Unigen Inc. OHI controls all the stages of manufacturing process, We vouch for the quality of our products for our customers, with the certification of GMP(NSF) ,ISO9001(SGS), KOSHER, HALAL, etc.

OHI ’s global product Portfolio spans more than few hundred advanced products covering Resveratrol 98% , Bilberry Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Baobab Extract , Feverfew Extract 0.8% Parthenolide, Ginger Extract 20% Gingerols, Milk Thistle Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Ginseng Extract, Red Clover Extract etc.

Planting bases 种植基地

OHI has three GAP standard planting bases in Shaoyang ,Changsha ,Jiangxi with a planting area of more than 2500 acres ,ensuring the highest quality at the source.

OHI has applied the modern agricultural production mode of “company + base (scientific research) + farming households” into the herb production, which has effectively organized the scattered farming household production through marketing mechanism.

R&D 研发

In order to maintain our position as an industry leader, we established a strong scientific research team , and we also developed a good cooperative relationship with world's most prestigious universities and private research institutions at home and abroad. Each and every ingredient we sell has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by our internal safety team made up of toxicologists, clinicians, pharmacists ,chemists and botanist.

A lot of patents and intellectual properties are awarded to us since the foundation of our enterprise. The extraction technique included solvent extraction, semi-bionic extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, ultrasound-assisted extraction and macro-porous resin adsorption,Soxhlet Extraction,biological enzyme technology

Test facilities and equipment

HPLC-ELSD,HPLC, GS-MS, HPTLC, Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotometer, Nano membrane system, Freeze-drier, SFE CO2.

OHI laboratory (QC) 实验室

OHI adopt“ 100+Quality System”which is an approach that extends beyond ordinary statistical quality control techniques and quality improvement methods. It implies a complete overview and re-evaluation of the specification of a product.

If you have problems or puzzling questions involving plant extracts, we are always willing to help find the answers for you at any time. If you want to test your Chinese suppliers’ products, our in-house laboratory can analyze them for you free of charge. Contact our in-house lab for the tests and analysis we can perform for you: QC@organic-herb.com.

Workshop 生产车间

OHI has three large-scale industrial production lines for a variety of products with the annual production of more than 4,000 tons at our manufacturing plant .We distinguish ourselves by controling strictly every step in the production, and we are fully implemented in accordance with international GMP standard operation, ensuring our products consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the marketing authorisation or product specification.

Certification 资质认证


Trade Fair 展会

Vita foods Europe 2012 21-24 May 2012 GENEVA PALEXPO, SWITZERLANDOHI booth No.:1223

SupplySide West 2012
5-9 November, 2012 ,Las Vegas
PNI booth No.: 20020