Veggie Sushi

Veggie Sushi

It’s been kind of a tradition for the past while, yoga and sushi Thursdays. Ian’s brother, his wife, and I go to one of our fave Ashtanga yoga classes. After class we are all famished so we quickly order and pick up sushi, eating back at our place. We thought we would switch it up and make our own sushi, because how hard can making veggie sushi be?!

This was our first attempt at making sushi and it was actually a lot of fun. There is a bit of prep work as you need to slice the vegetables into thin strands, fry the yam and cook the rice, but once all completed the rolling isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it.

What you need for making your own Veggie Sushi:

  • Carrots, yam, red pepper, cucumber, avocado, asparagus (or any of your favourite vegetables)
  • medium-grain white or brown rice (I used Italian style arborio rice for this one)
  • chia seeds or sesame or poppy seeds (optional for sprinkling over the rice – used chia seeds)
  • Sushi Roasted Nori paper
  • Bamboo mats (for rolling)
  • saran wrap
  • a bowl filled with warm water (for dipping your fingers so the rice doesn’t stick to you when rolling)
  • wasabi paste & reduced-sodium soy sauce


  • Cook the rice as per package adding a bit more water as you want the rice to be sticky (you’ll want to do this earlier than when you begin to prepare as the rice needs to cool down enough so you can handle it).
  • Place asparagus (trim off tough ends and wash) if using, in a saute pan with some water and cook for about 6-8 minutes or until just tender.
  • Chop the yam into thin long strands kind of like long french fries. Spread a little oil over a large saute or grill pan and let warm. Once warm, add the yam fries and cook, turning once until lightly browned on both sides.
  • In the meantime, chop the remaining vegetables all into long thin slices. If using a field cucumber, remove the seeds.
  • Once all vegetables have been cut/cooked, wrap a bamboo mat with saran on both sides. This will help the rice not stick to the mat so you can roll it up.
  • Place the shiny side of the nori sheet down on the bamboo mat.
  • Wet your hands in the bowl of water and take a scoop of rice to place on the nori sheet. Flatten down all over the sheet. Sprinkle with chia seeds (or any other seed if using).
  • We decided to make inside out sushi rolls so we flipped our nori sheet over so the rice is now on the side facing the bamboo mat.
  • Lay the veggie sticks in a thin row nearest to your end (If you add too much, it will be hard to get a nice tight roll, which we learned!).
  • Now it is time for the fun part. Get rolling! I gave this job to Ian… start by rolling from the edge closest to you and fold over the veggies. Then use the mat to help roll and tighten. At the end, gently press down evenly over the roll.
  • When finished rolling, place on a cutting board and begin to cut into pieces. Easiest way to cut, is by cutting the roll in half, then each half into thirds creating 6 pieces. If you like smaller pieces, cut each half into quarters yielding 8 pieces. If you wet the knife first, this should help the rice and veggies from sticking.
  • Then serve face up on a serving platter. Serve with wasabi and reduced-sodium soy sauce.