Life Fitness Elliptical Reviews

Life Fitness Elliptical Reviews

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Life Fitness CSX (Club Series Cross-trainer)

If you want the health club experience in your home similar to what you had at

the gym, then the Life Fitness CSX is a great choice for a high end home elliptical.

This home model from Life Fitness is essentially the “home” version of their very

popular commercial series the “9500”. This machine provides a great total body cardiovascular

workout to maximize heart health and fat loss.

The CSX has a comfortable, natural stride with an elliptical pattern similar to

running while minimizing the stress on the joints. We frequently refer to this machine

as the “retired runners” machine. The Life Fitness CSX offers 18 workout programs

to maximize user variety and prevent boredom in their workout routines. This elliptical

also has convenient “digital” contact heart rate sensors on the moving arms, as well

as a Polar wireless HR chest strap. The benefit of this is that digital HR sensors

are more accurate than analog sensors and allow you to use any of the 5 HR controlled

programs without having to use the chest strap. Most home elliptical trainers don’t

have contact HR on the moving arms, nor are they digital.

Some other notable features are the low pedal height (ceiling clearance) which

is about 12” plus the tallest users height. It also has a close pedal spacing compared

to some machines which can really make a big difference for different size family

If you are looking for a durable, proven, long term investment for your home gym,

then the Life Fitness CSX is worth checking out as it will provide many years of

great workouts. For more specs on this model, visit Life Fitness CSX product page

We rate the Life Fitness Club Series Cross-trainer with a “Highly Recommended” rating

for high end home Cross-Trainer experience.

In looking for a good quality home elliptical machine that has the “feel and quality”

of the commercial cross-trainer you were used to, you’ll probably notice there aren’t

many under the $2000 price point. The Life Fitness X1/X3 series Ellipticals come

close to that experience for half the price of a commercial cross-trainer.

Life Fitness hit a home run with this newly redesigned version of their popular

home cross-trainer. The X1 has a new sleeker design with a much lower step up and

ceiling height clearance requirement than its predecessor. It provides a great total

body cardiovascular workout. The motion was very smooth and fluid along with 20 levels

of resistance to challenge the most avid of users.

The X1 series is very quiet as well, which is great for anyone who wants to get

in those early workouts before the rest of the family wakes up! Life Fitness offer

two types of LCD consoles options (as with X3 and X5 series) to choose from on the

X1. The Basic Console and the Advanced Console. You can view the X1 Cross-trainer

The Basic console is great for someone that uses programs occasionally but doesn’t

want to spend extra for more features. The Basic offers the choice of 5 workout programs.

We rate the X1 Basic with a “Recommended” rating for an upper mid-range elliptical!!!

The X1 Advanced has all of the base features as the X1 Basic above along with

the same 5 basic programs, 5 hear rate interactive programs that use a wireless Polar

Hear Rate monitor, 2 User Id’s, 2 custom programs, goal workouts (time/calorie, distance),

and a race mode. Both consoles are very attractive and easy to navigate and read.

The LCD displays offered by Life Fitness are really a pleasant upgrade from the traditional

LED displays still used by most manufacturers. It allows the user to see all of the

information readouts on one screen instead of having to wait for the information

The built in accessory tray below the console offers a convenient place to put

all your necessities during your workout such as water bottle, TV remote, ipod or

phone. Life Fitness covers all the bases with the new X1 series Ellipticals by offering

great quality and value at the upper mid-range category of cross-trainers.

We rate the X1 Advanced with a “Recommended” rating

The Life Fitness X3 is a more polished version of the entry level X1 series cross-trainer.

The X3 has an even smoother motion as well as more comfortable handlebars. The foot

pedals provide a foam insert which provides greater comfort and cushioning for those

The X3 also offers an Activity Zone display on the center handlebars. This Activity

Zone consists of the Contact HR hand sensors to quickly check you HR, it also shows

the muscle groups that are presently being targeted during your workout. You may

also adjust your resistance levels here quickly. Life the X1/X7 series Ellipticals,

the X3 series allows you the choice of either the Basic Display console or the Advanced

Display console depending on your program needs.

This has been one of the most popular Life Fitness models in the past for their

fixed stride home fitness Ellipticals. With the new lower profile design, comfortable

pedals, activity zone center, and excellent LCD displays, it is poised to continue

to be a very popular and reliable model for Life Fitness. You can see more info/specs

for the Life Fitness X3 here.

We rate the X3 series cross-trainers with a “Recommended” rating

The Life Fitness X7 Elliptical Cross-trainer offers a feature packed, full body

workout for someone looking for a high quality home elliptical. The X7 is a very

attractive and stylish machine that will fit in nicely in your home. It provides

an excellent, total body cardiovascular workout for any size user. One of the best

features of this model is the electronic stride adjustment. Users can adjust the

stride in 1” increments from 18”-24” in length, this is great for accommodating the

needs of a household that has multiple users of various heights; as most fixed stride

Ellipticals (with ~20” stride) cater to users in the 5’-6’ range. The X7 easily allows

shorter or taller users to find the most comfortable stride for them. Besides being

a benefit to users of different heights, the stride adjustments allow for variety

in the workout motions. For example, shorter stride lengths will mimic walking motions,

while the longer strides will simulate jogging, running or sprinting.

The X7 is extremely quiet and is great for those early bird fitness enthusiasts

that don’t want to disturb the rest of the household. The pedals on the X7 have shock

absorbers (Life Springs) underneath to minimize impact and make your workout more

comfortable. Another excellent feature on the X7 Elliptical is its very close pedal

spacing (1.75”). This close pedal spacing provides a much more natural motion, particularly

for shorter users who frequently feel awkward on poorly designed cross-trainers.

Overall the motion of the X7 was very natural and fluid, it is one of the smoothest

Life Fitness uses an activity zone on the center handlebars to give the user more

convenient access to make adjustments in the stride length, change resistance, or

check their heart rate with the contact HR sensors. Like the X1 or X3, the X7 also

has the choice of two different consoles (Basic or Advanced).

We rate the Life Fitness X7 with a “Highly Recommended” rating for a great quality,

You can find more info/specs on the Life Fitness X7 here.