Let us help you get up and start MOVING!

Let us help you get up and start MOVING!

Let us help you get up and start MOVING!

We''ve got lots of fun events planned throughout the next six months to help you get up and start moving! It''s a great way for friends and neighbors to help each other get fit.

Dieting alone, most likely, will not get the majority of people to their weight goal. Nor will you really be more fit just by losing weight. Most people will begin to lose weight at first by just dieting but then "hit a wall". Exercising, even a little, will keep you from hitting that wall and you will begin to add muscle, making you much more fit.

Shaping up and slimming down

It''s easier than you think to check in with a doctor...

It is recommended that you consult your family physician if you have any history of heart issues. If you don''t have health insurance, the government-sponsored Three Rivers Community Health center will arrange for you to see a physician on staff. For more information click the button below...


Getting Started...

When you first start to exercise it''s important that you don''t over do it. The trick is to start slow and work your way up to stronger routines over the next few weeks. Here''s one way to get started...

Believe it or not, simply going for a daily walk is one of the best exercises you can do. Choose a nice walking route, preferably starting from your own front door if you can. Some may wish to take their daily walk in a park or on local trail. To start out, get in your car and drive your path until you see you are exactly 1/2 mile from your starting point. Look around and choose a good landmark you will remember. Each day for a week or two, walk until you arrive at your landmark and then return home. You''ve just walked a mile a day! After a couple of weeks get in your car again and follow your path until you see you are exactly one mile from your starting point. Again, look around and choose a good landmark you will remember. Each day for the next few weeks walk until you arrive at your new landmark and then return home. Now you are walking two miles everyday. Try to never go a day without taking your walk!

Take a "One Million Step Challenge!"

What is a pedometer? A pedometer is a small battery powered device that clips to your belt and records the number of steps you take each day. If you have a pedometer be sure to start clipping it to your belt or waistband. Some cell phones have pedometer apps that you can download for free so check your cell phone!

To achieve good health, experts agree people should strive to take about 10,000 steps each day (the equivalent of walking roughly five miles). A person who walks 10,000 steps a day will burn between 2000 and 3500 extra calories per week which will result in achieving a vastly better health profile and longer lifespan.

If your goal is to lose weight, start slowly and gradually work yourself up to walking 12,000 to 15,000 steps a day. Walking is a great way to lose weight and keep it off. Whether your goal is to achieve good health or to lose weight or both, put your pedometer on when you dress in the morning, and don''t take it off until bedtime. You can record your progress each day in your Microsoft Personal Health Record (PHR). Every step you take throughout your day counts!

Take a "One Million Step Challenge!" Taking 10,000 steps each day works out to be 1,825,000 steps over a six month period. Making your first million is quite an accomplishment! Making your second million is easier than it sounds, especially if you are taking a daily walk to help you lose weight.

Physical Activity Events


Ask Paula
Our Fitness Expert

Paula received her Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance with an emphasis in Health and Physical Education from UT-Martin. She will graduate in May 2013 with a Master''s degree in Education Administration and Supervision from MTSU.

If you''re wondering what events would be best for you or if you have a question or would just like to know more information on any physical activity event, CLICK HERE to contact Paula for more information.

Low-Cost Fitness

You don''t have to join a health club, buy a treadmill, wear trendy workout clothes, or eat expensive diet foods to be healthy.

Getting fit can be free, or at least low cost! I''m not a fitness expert, but I know what works for me. Maybe some of these ideas will help you too. It is important to start slowly and work with your medical professionals to plan the best work out for yourself. Here I will be giving you some ideas that can work for anyone.

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Exercise Boosts Energy

Exercise boosts your energy, strengthens your body and improves your health, but feelings of discouragement can derail your exercise program.

If you exercise at the gym, comparing yourself to others is often a source of discouragement, particularly when you first begin working out. Learn to focus on your own fitness level and goals so you can stick with your fitnes routine and avoid losing your motivation.

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