Can Taking Vitamins Help Prevent Cancer

Can Taking Vitamins Help Prevent Cancer

Can Taking Vitamins Help Prevent Cancer, we seem to go around the same circle with what is good for and what is not as far as supplements are concerned, so i thought i would do an article about why people would take nutritional supplements to help with their health and to maybe prevent cancer developing is your body.

The best thing for your natural health is your diet and making sure your nutrition is of course very good, is yours? Read the rest of this article to find out why you would take supplements to help with your health.

Can Multivitamins Help Us With Cancer Risks?

“The major determining factors for me in regards to advising whether my patient takes a multivitamin or not are their health history of prior diseases or potentially impending diseases, their family history of cancers or other serious diseases that seem to recur over and over in their family members, and also whether the patient eats a lot of foods that come straight from mother nature (such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains, etc.).

If a patient is generally healthy and has a family history that is not concerning and eats a wide array of mother nature’s foods, then I generally would not recommend a multivitamin for that patient. This is because if you are healthy and are able to get your nutrients from your foods, that should be the method in which you should be getting your vitamins and minerals. For those who are concerned that they are getting a lot of nutrients but might be missing a few here and there, I will generally advise the patient to get a natural multivitamin and take it once or twice per week as a gap-filler for some rare missing nutrients in his or her diet.

For those people who are older and do not eat a healthy, balanced diet, I would generally recommend taking a natural, food-based multivitamin that is not excessive in the percentage of daily allowances of the vitamins and minerals. These patients should take the multivitamin at the suggested dosing about once a day or every other day. However, with these patients, I generally still try to encourage them to just eat a more balanced diet so that they can take less of the multivitamin.To read the whole article go here”

Can Multivitamins Help Us With Cancer Risks, Our Thoughts?

Can Taking Vitamins Help Prevent Cancer, I have been asked this question many times myself, but the biggest problem is that people think they can eat drink and and do what they think to their bodies and because they take a few supplements they think they get of scot FREE! If it was only that easy.


Think about your immune system first and foremost when you think about most cancers, if your body is running on empty most of the time and you are always run down then your immune system is suffering. If this cycle continues then you are running the risk of cancers and many other health related problems developing inside your body. Look after your immune system its the key to good health.

Is Taking Supplements The Key?

Or is it? You see if your diet is BAD then taking supplements isn’t going to do you the world of good, it’s a vicious circle with all the marketing being done by supplement companies people are in the frame of mind of well they say take this or that and i’ll be fine. WAKE up please they are selling to you, if I said jump off that cliff its only 150 feet down you will be fine when you hit the bottom i know what you would say.

Let me help you understand everyone has the cancer gene in them, if your body is run down you need to sort that out first, once you are feeling good with having a good balanced diet and i don’t mean weight loss diet. Just by eating well doing some kind of training to keep your cardio system running well, then take supplements to help keep your body in top form, or if you think you need an extra boost with vitamins then YES fine. But take supplements that help you immune system that should be your main goal.