3 Alternative Medicine High Blood Pressure Relief Options

3 Alternative Medicine High Blood Pressure Relief Options
3 Alternative Medicine High Blood Pressure Relief Options

Alternative Medicine High Blood Pressure Relief Options. According to information provided by the American Heart Association around 1 in 3 of all Americans are today suffering from high blood pressure. Of this figure approximately 1/3 of these people do not actually know that they are suffering from this particular disease. However, for those that are there has been a move by more people to search for an alternative medicine high blood pressure relief options, rather than relying solely on prescribed medications.

This move to alternative medicine seems to be part of a wider movement for people to understand and take more control over their own health. Allowing people a better chance of preventing illness.

However, it is important to remember that many alternative options have not been through the same thorough testing that pharmaceutical drugs have to go through by law, and so some of the claims have be looked at closely.

Also, it is never wise to start taking an alternative medicine without first consulting your doctor to ensure that there will be no interactions with other medication you may be taking, and that the alternative is appropriate for you.

There has been research carried out on a number of alternative natural products that have shown promise in relieving high blood pressure, including garlic and ginseng, but this article will look at some other alternatives:

1. Fish Oil

There have been a number of studies carried out that point to the benefit of fish oils reducing high blood pressure. Research carried out in Western Australia found that a weight-loss diet combined with daily fish consumption is highly effective at lowering blood pressure, triglyceride and increasing good cholesterol.

Also, a study carried out at Harvard found that supplementation with fish oils each day will reduce blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. The most improvements where identified in individuals with atherosclerosis or raised cholesterol levels.

The fish oil effect on hypertension seems to be related to the dose used, and whether a person has hypertension or raised cholesterol.

2. Folic Acid

Folate is found in the Vitamin B group and is vital for our bodies to form red blood cells. This particular acid may be beneficial in helping people to lower high blood pressure.

According to a researchers at a conference on high blood pressure in the US, young women who consumed more than 800 mgs of folate per day reduce their chance of suffering with high blood pressure by nearly a third, when compared to women who took less than 200 ug/day.

3. Hawthorn

Traditional herbal practitioners regularly use this particular type of alternative for high blood pressure treatment.

A randomized controlled trial was carried out in the UK on people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. During the trial some of the people were given 1200mg of hawthorn extract each day whilst the others only received a sugar pill (placebo) instead for 16 weeks. At the end of the 16-week trial it was found that high blood pressure levels were reduced in those who were taking the hawthorn extract.

It is important that you should discuss any alternative treatment you are considering taking with your doctor.

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What is a good Alternative blood pressure medicine?
I am 62 and have had high blood pressure for about 20 years and none of the various prescription medications seem to do much good or even some have made me very sick. Also now that I am unemployed and living on social security alone and not quite eligible for medicaid I can''t afford a doctor or the high price of prescription medication.
Otherwise I am a relatively healthy male weighing only 125 lbs. I have always been small weighing about 135 or so from age 18 until my mid fifties when i dropped down to where I am now. I would like to find a preferably organic alternative that can be bought over the counter. Thank you.

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