Watching Television Can Make You Blind

Watching Television Can Make You Blind

Yes, it is true that watching television can make you blind forever. You might be thinking that what I am saying because you have been watching the television from your childhood, but nothing had happened yet. So I would say you are lucky one otherwise there are many people who have lose their eyesight due to watching of Television continuously for the long duration.

Every year hundreds or people get blind and the main reason noted behind it is the watching of television. I do agree that television are a very good resource of information, there are various news channels that you need to watch to get updated about the things going out all over the world. Yes, you should watch television but in limit. If you watch television just for about an hour or two then nothing will happen to you, but if you seeing it for about 6 to 8 hours daily, then even the most qualified ophthalmologist couldn’t help you.

Watching television puts the negative impact on your eyes, slowly and steadily. It is just like the process of slow poisoning. You never know that when your eyes get affected due to it. The first sign that you get to see after 3 to 4 years is you get to view the long distance object clearly. You visit the doctor after a month and then you suddenly come to know that your eyes are not well and soon you need to opt for the spectacles. This is just the warning sign that the person should understand otherwise still if you continue to watching television for too long then you are certainly going to face the blindness problem in the coming years.

Television is a source of information this is what people say, but I would like to add here that it depends on how we use it. I think you know that how much things that you feel shouldn’t be watched by the kids are being shown on television. Some shows are like you will not be able to watch them with your kids. So, why is so much importance being given to this Idiot box?

Myopia is the abnormal ocular condition that is being noted to be caused due to the watching of the television. In this case the person is able to see the objects very clearly but the person is not able to see the image at distance. You will see these images blurred. This happens when the light rays reflecting gets focused in front of the retina, resulting in blurred images. So, you need the spectacles to focus the light rays on the retina. This is how you get prone to the myopia by watching the television for the long time.

Whenever there is a problem there is a solution. Even the blindness resulting from television watching can be prevented. For this I would suggest you to cut down the timing that you spend in watching the television. Other thing that you can opt for is keeping the adequate distance between you and television. The best distance to keep from the television screen is about 50 cm. But, it would be better if you could keep more distance than it. I do understand that television has now become like a basic necessity and we all are attached to it. But, guys to keep our eyes in a good condition we need to control our habit of watching television for long time. I would also suggest increasing the intake of the foods that are rich in Vitamin A as it will help you maintain your eyes at better condition.

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