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3D minimally invasive implant is safe and fast treatment. CT scan using 3D, diagnostic images evolved from flat to three-dimensional time, in the actual implant bone space to find the best angle to avoid the danger zone, complete denture situation and predict, and therefore can be turned implant The wound was smaller, more accurate, less swelling, the success rate higher. And it is generally the amount of radiation in the 1/40 CT, safer for patients.


TDS ceramic chip color patterns produced in accordance with the teeth, compared with the conventional treatment, TDS patches just rub off the thin ceramic tooth surface, and then you can stick on the patch.

TDS in full ceramic crowns with porcelain crown to replace the conventional metallic crown, has a good strong light transmission and fine structure than the traditional porcelain teeth more natural teeth, not only beautiful, but also will bring you new feelings.

The high use of laser energy to catalyze the H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) to the tooth surface oxidation of the pigment principle excluded; not only can shorten treatment time to half an hour or so, whitening effect is satisfactory.
Using peroxides pharmaceutical, coating the surface of the teeth, exposure to the plasma machine to activate the catalytic redox reactions of drugs, to achieve the effect of teeth whitening. It is about 1 hour per course of treatment should be done in the dental clinic, all the course of 3 to 5 times, will achieve the desired whitening effect of general patients.
Fine powder using sandblasting, high-speed operation of the instrument under the impetus of tartar will destroy the tooth surface, then after the teeth polished.

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