Liposuction Surgery Cost

Liposuction Surgery Cost
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    The cost of a liposuction surgery is approximately $2800; and varies from surgeon to surgeon and also from state to state. The surgeon''s experience and geographical location are two most significant cost factors.

    Furthermore, since there are several liposuction procedures, the cost tends to vary from procedure to procedure. For example, an ultrasonic liposuction procedure will be more expensive than the standard liposuction procedure.

    What Does The Cost Of A Liposuction Surgery Depend Upon?

    Surgeon Fee: this depends upon his qualifications, expertise and experience.

    Procedures being done: successive liposuction surgeries tend to work out cheaper.

    Area of the Body being operated: costs vary depending up on the area of the body that is targeted. Liposuction is easier on body parts that have a lot of fat storage. Conversely, the face, neck, and ankles are very sensitive areas and the expenses are higher, since it involves more complicated surgery.

    Gender: the cost for liposuction is more in men than in women. This is due to the fact that there is more fibrous fat found in males. The occurrence of fibrous fat raises the difficulty of the surgery, thus making it expensive.

    Proportion of fat to be removed: fees are more for surgeries that take longer. Accordingly, you will have to pay higher costs if large amounts of fat are being eliminated.

    The type of procedure: procedures that make use of newer equipment have higher costs. Ultrasonic liposuction costs more than tumescent liposuction due to the state-of-the-art and advanced equipment needed to conduct the surgery as well as the cost of the employees to use the equipment.

    Liposuction and Insurance

    By and large, liposuction is considered to be for cosmetic purposes only and hence isn’t covered by insurance; however, there are a few exceptions. You need to get a quotation from your cosmetic surgeon and put it forward to the company for sanction. Medical insurance covers:

    • Fatty tumors need to be surgically removed. Sometimes, the doctor may recommend liposuction to get rid of the tumors. In such cases, you may get medical coverage for the liposuction procedure.

    • If you require a breast reduction surgery for medical reasons, medical insurance may cover the liposuction coupled with it. You need to have certification of how the size of the breast negatively affects your health. You will need evidence that the breast size is causing excruciating shoulder pain and backache, and the pain has prevented you from activity.

    • If you wish to get a part of the cost of the liposuction covered by medical insurance, you can do so by uniting a liposuction procedure with a medically required procedure. A large fraction of the liposuction cost is anesthesia fees and expenses for the operating room; you can take the benefit of your insurance covering the basic costs for the medical procedure that has been sanctioned by the company, and then pin on the liposuction procedures to that. Consequently, the expenses for additional liposuction procedure will be a lot lower, given that, the basic costs will be out of the way.