Jobs CNA: Health Care Facilities that Need CNAs in the US

Jobs CNA: Health Care Facilities that Need CNAs in the US

A certified nursing assistant has many opportunities to work in hospitals and home care facilities that hire several CNAs at a time.

There are many jobs certified nursing assistant in all 50 states of the United States. The term certified nursing assistant has many connotations and definitions. Being in the nursing profession entails interacting and dealing with sick patients and ensuring that by the time they are discharged from the health care facility, they are well, strong and are given the right forms of treatment for their conditions. There are many facilities in the US that are in need of certified nursing assistants. Here is a list.

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Applicants can go to this link to look for CNA jobs in the United States. Hospitals and health care facilities that are hiring are listed and they can go to the respective sites to apply and learn about the facililty.

  • Girling Health Care, Inc.

Physical address: 4232 University Avenue, Des Moines IA
Des Moines, Iowa 50311

Phone: 515-277-0977

  • Interim HealthCare

Physical address: 1065 E. Winding Creek Dr. Suite 200
Eagle, ID 83616

  • Jewish Senior Life

Physical Address: 2021 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY, 14618

Phone: 585/427-7760

  • Extendicare

Physical address: 111 West Michigan Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
U.S.A. 53203-2903
Phone: 1-800-395-5000

  • Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare

Physical address: St. Luke’s Campus
1656 Champlin Avenue
Utica, NY 13501

Phone: (315) 624-6000

Hiring Process

Hiring for certified nursing assistant is a tedious process. Since the job is about taking care of sick patients, it is very important for the training to be complete and broad, which covers all areas of the job description. Hospitals and home care facilities have a general hiring process, where some areas may differ from other facilities but nonetheless use the same steps in hiring employees. When there are vacancies and openings for CNAs in hospitals and home care facilities, the jobs are posted on the facility’s site where applicants can apply directly online.

The facility will then review the applications and make a short list of qualified applicants. The company will then get back to qualified applicants and ask for the requirements that CNAs must possess. Examinations and interviews will be done and when the applicants pass both interviews and exams, they will then be subject for training with the facility’s trainers. Passing the training will enable the applicants to be hired.

If you ever have an inkling of being a certified nursing assistant, there are thousands of jobs certified nursing assistant available all over the United States and many other countries. All you have to do is to undergo a certified nursing assistant training course and pass the certification exam to be able to be employed by your chosen health care provider. There are certain qualifications and standard requirements in every state and other countries, so you must complete all of them before you get hired. You can look online for jobs in this field and you will most probably land one.