Inspiration from Tiny Homes

Inspiration from Tiny Homes

Recently, while surfing the internet for unique house ideas that I can keep dreaming about until I save up enough money to build my own, I came across tiny houses. Since then, I have used these houses as inspiration for simplifying and organizing my life.

These houses came from people who wanted little escapes in the woods, or people who wanted houses they could move from place to place on their own, or people who wanted to live sustainably and off the grid, or even just people who decided that they didn’t need a lot of space to feel that they were successful.

While the idea of living in a tiny house seems perfect to me, and I think that I have a lot less stuff than the average person, I have a long way to go in terms of simplifying in order to accomplish living life in a tiny house.

The benefits to owning a tiny home are huge in terms of saving money: less water, less electricity, less mortgage, less room for unnecessary ‘stuff.’ More freedom in where you live, more of a connection to the outdoors, more money in your pocket.

Some of the drawbacks are strict building codes in many areas, dealing with waste, and a lack of space for entertaining, storing, and well . . . anything else.

I would love to live out in the open, out of the city, and somewhere where I could go hiking with the dogs in the summer. Tiny houses seem like a great option if you want to spend more money on land to be outdoors and less money on living space.

However, I think I would definitely need to take a test run in one of these houses before I committed to living in it.

I have been working on making a list of necessities for my living space. Where in the country, how many rooms, how much land around it, and how many things I can’t live without. I think this is the best step toward deciding how small you can go. I don’t think I would fit in a tiny house, but I think I can commit to living in a much smaller space than what the typical “American Dream” sized house takes up.

This will probably not convince you to take the plunge into owning a tiny home, but do some research and you may come up with great space-saving ideas that you could use for making your regular home a bit more organized and simplified.