Having healthy hair in your 50's!

Having healthy hair in your 50's!

Having healthy hair in your 50''s!

Hair care products that focus on volume, style and most important the health of your hair!

--Products by Healthy Hair Plus™

Sample KIT!

4 of our top products for you to sample ( 2 oz bottles)!

Products included:

Sample Kit Shampoos in 2 ounce bottles:

Folli Cleanse Root Cleanser Shampoo

1) Build up on the root is abundant over the years! The gentle shampoo works to stimulate and cleanse the root with natural botanicals. Rated Product of the Year by Jon Thomas!

Vitamin Shampoo

2) Hair starting to become dry, strawy, depleted or slow growing. Do you color, highlight or perm your hair. Then you need to give it back the nutrition and vitamin amino bonds that your hair has to have to be healthy. The hair root slows production of newer keratanized hair. Great daily shampoo for extremely healthy and vibrant hair.

Golden Root Shampoo

3) Your hair needs more moisture at least over 85% of all hair needs more moisture. This shampoo contain marigold extracts and over 12 other botanicals that work on the hair and the scalp to condition and replenish moisture content. Also a great everyday shampoo

Silk Protein Conditioner

4) Investigate the ingredients on our top conditioner and you will see why so many people live and die by our Silk Protein Conditioner. Over 15 botanicals, 12 vitamins, 8 aminos! Natural to the core with a natural fragrance that many have tried to duplicate but have not been able to! Shinier, softer, healthier hair guaranteed. And it h as UVA and UVB protection! Consider your hair protected and healed after just a couple of uses!

Sample Kit of 4 products


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Healthy Hair Plus has award winning hair products that solve problems! Going short? Try our sample kit!