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Gardening Gear Up - Health Adjacent

It''s possible to live well with a chronic illness...all you need is a little strategy and a sense of humor.

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As I mention before, gardening is an important part of my life. I used to love to spend warm, sunny days digging in the dirt, communing with nature, and drinking an ice cold beer with a lemon in it. Now, gardening is also a part of how I make my living, less beer for that part, though.

When I started to get sick, I became really physically limited. And for several years now, I have had to really restrict my activities and come up with a TON of adaptive gardening accommodations that would enable me to still participate. But this year, I have been sicker than ever. And its not fibro. Dont know exactly what it is yet (seeing a new doc this week). So my partner and I have taken to calling it Hurricane Ivan or Ivan for short.

Anyway, Ivan does NOT like me to be in the sun. And Fibro does not like me to be around loud

Thats a mighty fine gardening outfit, if I do say so myself. Yes, thats a box of Diet Coke to my right...please dont ask why it is on the back deck stairs.

sounds (lawn mower). Both make me really uncomfortable and super sensitive to my environment. Do you think that has stopped me from gardening? Hell-to-the-no!

Ive created endless varieties of completely whacky looking clothing combos to address my special needs body. The one I used this last weekend was so exceptional, I had to show you. Ladies and gents, I give you REAL guerrilla gardening, complete with body armor.

Let me break down this fine looking outfit for you:

Wide brimmed hat for sun protection

Shades to protect light sensitive eyes (and reduce development of crows feet...saves on Botox later)

Sexy, hot pink earplugs to mute noise

Long sleeved shirt with zip up collar to block sun

Too short sweatpants that I love so I tell people they are capris

Long socks to make up for skin exposed from said capris

Awesome boots (sent to me as a review product) by Bogs to protect feet, keeps them ultra comfy and dry

My fave padded gloves by Womanswork

SPF 50 sunscreen on every moving part

I have to say, it was very successful. Very limited sun exposure and warm enough to keep me from feeling too achy. The only thing that I need to change for next year is to purchase a gardening hat that blocks the suns rays better. Ive been perusing the selection at Coolibar for SPF 50 hats.

Id love to see your protective gear. Send me a photo!

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