Gano Excel IS the next big business

Gano Excel IS the next big business

If you ever wished you could have gotten into companies like INTEL, MICROSOFT, APPLE, YAHOO, GOOGLE and even Starbuck’s at the beginning of their market shift and trends, then this email is going to interest you in a big way.

More and more people are aware of all the products out there that are not good for them. These products are causing diseases. A lot of the food and drinks are acidic. They have substitute sugars that are now deemed poisonous, have MDG’S, Gluten and the list goes on and on.

Most coffee is purely acidic – has no nutritional value whatsoever and is second to water as a liquid consumable – second only to oil as a traded commodity.

In two to five years more people will be drinking healthy coffee than the traditional coffee that is acidic and has no nutritional value. Starbuck’s is already test marketing a similar coffee. The time to take advantage of this market shift is now…..

GANO EXCEL COFFEE is an enriched so it offsets the acid of coffee so is actually very good and healthy for you.

Here is a question to ask the 15 million independent restaurants and coffee shops serving coffee in North America.

Do you carry GANO COFFEE?

Most typical answer will be NO, What is it?

  • It tastes fantastic
  • It’s real popular on the West Coast
  • It’s like Starbucks but good and healthy for you

There are several kinds to choose from: Black, Mocha, Latte or Chocolate. I guarantee you will love it.

Put some table tent ads on your tables and it sells itself.

Is it working? Well, as they say documentation beats conversation. Below you will see real live Gano Excel brick and mortar outlets. I was honest and told myself that I was not missing this one, will you?

Opening soon – Gano Excel’s coffee’s, tea and hot chocolate in a store next to you. Will you be the owner or distributor that gets paid on it?