Best Cures For Infertility – Using Herbal Cures

Best Cures For Infertility – Using Herbal Cures

Infertility is the inability to procreate naturally due to several reasons, after having proper sexual intercourse. Both men and women are susceptible to this disorder, but females are found to be extremely prone to this disorder. A lot of couples always face this problem when they are about to start a family and produce children. There are so many reasons for this disorder; however, there are unexplained reasons too.


The female anatomy is a very complex one, and changing the mode of lifestyles can cause so many disorders. Female infertility is due to so many reasons such as exposure to radiations and chemicals which affect the reproductive system negatively. Hormonal imbalance also causes this disorder in women. Unhygienic lifestyle such as staying in a dirty environment is also responsible for this disorder. A stressful life can provoke a woman to smoke and drink alcohol, but these are prime causes of this disorder in women. Excessive use of electronic gadgets that emit radiation is another cause. Placing a laptop on the thigh for longs hours can damage ovaries as a result of the emitted rays from the laptop. Also, exposing yourself to allergen, radioactive elements, and carcinogens can also lead to this disorder.

Medically, the most common cause of this disorder is Endometriosis. This is a situation whereby the tissue that forms the lining of the uterus spreads to the pelvic cavity, rather than the formation of uterus. The presence of tumours in the fallopian tube of a woman is another cause. The quality of released egg is another factor. When eggs with bad chromosomes are released, they will not become fertile even when the sperm comes in contact with them. Inflamed pelvic cavity and sexually transmitted diseases are also responsible for this disorder in women, to a large extent. If this disorder occurs at an early age, it is probably due to non-sterile abortions. The presence of multiple ovarian cysts can cause this disorder in a woman as a result of total damage to the ovaries. The reason behind this is an excess amount of testosterone in a woman’s body.

Herbal Treatments

The use of herbs for curing infertility dates back to ancient times of our forefathers. They are used for treating this disorder both in men and women. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you take these herbs in the appropriate and required dosage from a qualified herbal specialist. However, for the purpose of fertility, do not combine these herbs with the use of fertility drugs and medications.

Now, let me discuss some important herbs that are very good for improving fertility.

Dong Quai: this is a local Chinese herb that is normally used as a blood tonic. However, it has been discovered to be helpful in the regulation of female sex hormones. It has become one of the common and famous herbs for improving fertility. Dong quai helps to tone the uterus and also improves the chances of a woman getting pregnant. It helps to control the menstrual cycles, and it is also a good remedy for endometriosis. It is used by some women for treating the symptoms of menopause. It also helps to clean the blood, thereby improving circulation of blood. However, people having blood clotting problems are strictly advised not to use this herb. Also, people on blood thinning drugs and medications, pregnant women, and diabetic patients should avoid the use of this herb.

Primrose Oil: this oil is highly rich in Gamma Linoleic acid and it helps to improve the glands that are responsible for the production of hormones. This oil helps to boost cervical mucus quality thus, improving the opportunities of a woman to conceive. In order to use this oil for this purpose, start taking the oil from the first day of menstruation till the period of ovulation. You must stop using the oil immediately after ovulation, this will prevent cramping and the occurrence of uterine contractions. However, you can continue with the use of flaxseed oil after ovulation period. Nonetheless, people suffering from schizophrenia and epilepsy must not use this oil.

Chasteberry: this is a very famous herb for improving fertility in women. It is highly effective when it comes to the regulation of hormones in a woman’s body. It balances and normalizes the work of the pituitary gland, invariably regulating the sex hormones in women. Thus, this herb is efficient for treating imbalances of the sex hormones, amenorrhoea, and dysmenorrhoea. It is also useful for treating premenstrual stress and ovulation issues. In fact, it is very good for women who were on birth control pills before; it will help them to restore their body to the normal condition so as to enhance fertility and pregnancy. It is very ideal for women suffering from low level of progesterone.

There are other, several herbs that are very good for the purpose of improving the chances of a woman in order to conceive a baby. These are:

Red Clover: it helps to nourish the uterus of a woman and also regulate hormonal imbalances.

Maca Root: this herb helps to regulate ovulation, menstruation, and balancing of the female hormones.

False Unicorn Root: this herb helps to improve ovulation in women.

Black Cohosh: this particular herb has oestrogenic effect. It helps to improve the health of the ovaries, prevents any form of miscarriage, and improves the condition of the uterus.

Other available herbs are wild yam, raspberry leaves, Siberian ginseng, and so on. However, before you engage in using these herbs as the best cures for infertility, you must seek the objectives and opinion of your doctor. These herbs must be strictly taken according to correct prescription and instructions from a reputable herbal specialist. Also, you can consult the services of a fertility practitioner for information on the use of these herbs for treating this disorder. We all know that these herbs are natural; they may have mild side effects. You must always choose a herb based on individual difficulties. Remember, do not take these herbs along with other medications and drugs, so as to prevent any form of adverse or unexpected effect.