Achieving Peak Health and Fitness

Achieving Peak Health and Fitness

We''ve had more than a few requests for a "peak health and fitness" quick priority list - high impact changes you can make rapidly - so here are our thoughts!

First of all, a key message. Before going any further, make sure you get a clean bill of health from your physician. What we can itemize here are, of course, only general comments, and you should work closely with a health professional or consultant to prioritize your own personal list of peak health and fitness issues.

Almost as important: this top 5 list is not for someone that is a smoker or drug or alcohol abuser. Most would argue that smoking cessation or ceasing your drug or alcohol abuse is the absolute priority.

But if anyone asks us if there is a way to choose the top 5 priority topics, based on general principles that apply to most people and that are key to peak health and fitness, we would recommend that you focus on:

  • Priority one: Clean air!

    What is the one thing that you can do without for only a matter of minutes?


    And the EPA has stated that indoor air quality poses a greater health hazard than outdoor air.


    Because most of us spend the majority of our time either in the office or at home. And with the advances in building technology our buildings are more airtight than ever before.

    That means that all of the toxic cleaning materials, solvents and preservative in the furniture, carpet, cabinets, etc. have no place to go. They linger around your home or office until you inhale them.

    Likewise with mold and mildew, dander, and all sorts of other organisms that we don’t want to think about!

    The solution? Click here.

  • Priority two: Clean water!

    What is the next key to life that we can only do without for a matter of days?


    The minimum appears to be 8 glasses per day and probably higher if you are active.

    And we firmly believe that it should be purified water without the chlorine! Obviously the local water authority is adding chlorine to the water to kill the major organisms. But we strongly believe that our bodies were not meant to be exposed to chlorine every time we drink water.

    So, at the least you should be drinking bottled water with the chlorine removed. Or click here to get more info on water filtration/purification products.

  • Priority three: nutrition!

    What is next life priority that you can only do without for a matter of days to weeks?


    Now it gets a bit complicated here because very few of us in the US are starving! Most of us are probably suffering from too much of the wrong kinds of food.

    So the challenge here is twofold. First is to learn to "Eat to live, not live to eat!" This is very difficult and is addressed more if you click here

    Second is to maintain close to ideal weight/bodyfat. If you are living to eat this will take care of itself. Need some help with a more structured nutrition program that can also help you to lose weight? Click here!

  • Priority four: maintaining top physical condition!

    Our bodies are marvelous vehicles and should serve well into our twilight years as long as we keep them finely tuned!

    This means a peak health and fitness exercise program specifically designed for your unique needs and genetics. For more info click here.

  • Priority five: emotional/behavioral peak performance.

    In short, how do you feel about yourself and how do you feel about your connection to others around you? Or to put it another way do you have a positive connection to others?

    Research tends to point out that peak performers in life that enjoy healthy, long lives generally have at least two behavioral traits in common. They tend to have a positive outlook about themselves and life in general, and they have some kind of social connection i.e. good friends, close to family, spiritual connections, or hobbies or civic activities.

    So is this a priority that needs your attention? Most of us can answer that by spending some quiet time by ourselves. If you answer the above question with "I’m really not that happy or I need to feel more of a connection to others", then you might want to set this as a top priority in your quest for peak health and fitness.

    Want some help? Click here!

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